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The casting call is being held Sunday, October 7, from 10 AM to 7 PM at the Holiday Inn
Gateway Center. The Holiday Inn Gateway Center is at 5353 Gateway Center, Flint, Michigan
directly at the US 23 Hill Road Exit.
General Information
WHEN - Sunday, October 7, 2012 10 AM to 7 PM
WHERE - Holiday Inn Gateway Center
5353 Gateway Center, Flint, Michigan

Experience is not required.

What to Bring? - Please bring a head shot, full length photo, and entertainment resume if you
have any of the previous items. If you do not, come anyway!

This is a COLD READ format. No sides (lines) will be available prior to the audition.

We do anticipate that the content in this film would result in an "R" rating by the motion
picture association of America.

Yes, you may email us your resume, headshot, and full length photos in advance (as well as
a reel if you have one available) but we'd still like you to have your material on site as well.
Brad@LyonMotionPictures.com to email your submissions.

Also, as of September 1st, we still have room for 1-2 more (small unit) producers on the film.
Those interested in joining our team are welcomed to contact us by email. Based on the right
fit, we may have on screen opportunities available as well for producers joining the team.

{Principal, Supporting, and Lead roles are compensated based on experience.}

There are a large number of available roles being considered at this audition. Principal,
Supporting, and Lead roles will be considered as well as general "extra" and featured extra

The film's storyline takes place in present day set inside typical small town suburban America.
As such, there are casting opportunities available for all ranges of age and ethnicities.


LANCE DAWSON: (MALE)  Late 20's to Early 30's - Caucasian - Athletic Appearance,
Attractive - Athletic Director Lance Dawson is a former High School sports star and town hero
that never grew up nor left his home town. He hangs out with the same best friends now as he
did in high school and doesn't want to move on. Dawson thinks of himself a bit of a playboy
but he may be more "Simon Peg" than Sean Connery.  Eventually all of his not so hidden
character flaws helps lead to a situation no one in town is ready for.

ANDRE NEIDERMEN: (MALE) Mid 20's to Mid 30's - African American - NOT athletic - The
equivalent of a Screech Powers or Steve Urkel when it comes to his athletic fortitude.
Neidermen is definitely the brains of the bunch but a long time friendship with Lance and Paul
has eliminated most of his self esteem issues. {Note: Neidermen's lack of athletic ability MUST
be apparent in his looks.}

CHLOE: (FEMALE) Mid 20's to Late 30's - Open Ethnicity - The very reason the song "Hot for
the Teacher" was written. Chloe is equally sexy as she is tomboyish and enjoys trying to be
just one of the guys even when her looks doesn't always allow her to be just a friend. Her
looks garner the interest of more than one guy, including both Lance and Paul.

THE SLASHER: (Male) - Open Age range and Ethnicity - Ever dreamed of being Jason
Voorhies or Michael Myers? In the intimidating fashion of classic horror icons, this slasher is a
large, imposing figure that will get his hands dirty just as quick as he'll pick up a blade. We're
looking for a large figure who is very physically expressive. This isn't about just being big, this
is about being menacing, eerie, and evil.

SARAH JO: (FEMALE) Late Teens to early 20's - Open Ethnicity - A team captain with a bad
attitude that would rather fight than lead or play. Her rough and abrasive attitude may be a
front, then again she may just indeed be a brat. - (in shape)

BECKY GREENS: (FEMALE) Late Teens to early 20's - Open Ethnicity - A cross between
your typical stoner guy in a woman's body while having a superior sex drive to any of them.
She grew up without her dad and her attraction to older men is an obvious result. But don't let
being on the younger side fool you, she's aggressive well beyond her years and far more
edgy. (Topless, Backside Nudity)

DARCY TARGET: (FEMALE) Late Teens to early 20's - Open Ethnicity - Perhaps not as
dumb as the usual big boobed blond in every scary movie, but just as plastic and Barbie
looking. Being materialistic and relentless on her looks are character traits she's proud of.
She's stuck on a sports team not by her choice and her effort, or lack of it, is evident. (Brief
Topless Nudity)

AWAY TEAM GIRL: (FEMALE) Late teens to early 20's - African American - big mouthed, big
boned, and big talking, a basketball playing girl on a rival team that likes to shove people

AWAY TEAM COACH: (MALE OR FEMALE) - Open Age Range - African American - A
successful basketball coach that likes to play the race card.

OLDER MAN: (MALE) - Late 50's and Above - Caucasian - he still thinks with his boy hood
brain and treats women without much respect. His rough nature doesn't seem to stop him
from being liked though. Somehow he always seems to find himself at the right place and time.

FEMALE CASHIER: (FEMALE) - late teens to 30's - Open Ethnicity - A convenience store
clerk who is use to dealing with offensive guys in an often playful but at times protected
manner. (Must have good emotional range)

WOMAN 1: (Female) - 20's to late 30's - Open Ethnicity - a girlfriend with a wandering eye
that gets her into trouble. But she always knows how to convince her boyfriend to forgive her,
even if it means a trip to a dirty bathroom stall. (Nudity Required)

GUY 1: (Male) - 20's to 30's - Open Ethnicity - One of a group of guys who gets irritated with
Lance's playboy ways.

GUY 2: (Male) - 20's to 30's - Open Ethnicity - Another guy who gets angry with Lance but
equally angry at his girlfriend and her interest in Lance.

WOMEN BASKETBALL PLAYERS - late teens to early 20's - We need a fair amount of
women to portray a HS Varsity girls basketball team.

BAR PATRONS - Open Age Range - We need a diverse group of bar goers. Some of these
may be more than just featured extras and could include minimal dialog.

ZOMBIES - Not just extras, some of these zombies have extensive on screen time and will be
credited as such. You have to have a solid "Zombie" feel and be able to demonstrate the
classic zombie movements.